Asset Tracking Software

Real Asset Management's (RAM) comprehensive data capture and asset tracking systems transform the speed, accuracy and efficiency of the asset audit. Combining hand-held devices with a central asset register, organisations can track asset location and status with minimal cost and resources, streamlining compliance and imposing control over the asset base.  Therefore valuable business assets will no longer be lost and can be identified quickly and easily.  Users have the option of using dedicated barcode scanning equipment (Windows Mobile PDA's) or smartphones and tablets running iOS/Android/Windows Phone 8. Scanning equipment can be used in conjunction with barcodes or RFID tags.

Asset Tracking Software

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RAM's asset tracking software provides a central register in which detailed information on all assets, from IT equipment to office furniture, can be recorded. It offers the following advantages:

  • Provides controlled access for all authorised parties
  • Prevents discrepancies that may otherwise arise between departments
  • Exploits real time access to asset descriptions and analysis codes
  • Provides information concerning location history, condition, asset issue, asset returns, maintenance and disposals
  • Enables effective asset reallocation to minimise unnecessary purchases
  • Brings immediate savings, both in the time spent and the cost associated with the tracking process, making more frequent audits a viable proposition
  • Promotes a far more efficient use of resources and facilitates the effective management of assets

Whether used simply for data collection or more comprehensively for on-going audits, RAM’s Asset Tracking Software is an invaluable element of the fixed asset management suite.

The Asset Tracking Mobile app

RAM's mobile asset tracking application is supported by the latest technology and is available for use on iOS, Android and Windows smartphones, tablets, etc. Designed for simplicity and utilising existing mobile devices within your organisation, the Asset Tracking solution is available to download via the App store, Google Play or the Windows Phone Store. Search for Track5000s or Real Asset Management.

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Asset Tracking Tags and Hardware



RFID tags enable the user to quickly and easily locate any number of assets at the same time. The tags work in much the same way as barcodes, responding to radio frequency signals emitted by a handheld scanning device. Unlike traditional barcodes, however, there is no ‘line of sight’ required where the reader needs to scan the tag directly. Rather, the scanner interrogates all identified tags within its adjustable range, feeding back information regarding the assets it has located. Such information is then cross referenced against the asset register and assets are recorded as present, missing or relocated.

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RAM can supply barcode labels to suit any environment or requirement. Labels can be provided in various materials including vinyl, polyester and aluminium. Label design options include a colour logo, the barcode and additional text such as asset number or type.

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PDA Scanning Technology


RAM can supply the latest in handheld scanners for use with the Asset Tracking software.  The leading portable laser scanners guide users through the audit process, continually updating the status of audited and unaudited items on-screen.

Asset Tagging/Data Collection Service

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Simple, rapid and effective data collection underpins the speed and accuracy of the asset audit. Whether setting up an asset register for the first time, moving to a specialist system or simply carrying out a routine health-check, Real Asset Management (RAM) offers a range of full audit services, including data collection, barcode / RFID labelling and scanning for all types of assets. Combining innovative scanning and asset tagging technologies with an experienced audit team transforms the data collection process, reducing costs and minimising resources. As a fundamental component of effective fixed asset management, Real Asset Management (RAM) provides a robust, efficient and accurate physical auditing service. By combining expertise with technology excellence, including barcoding and Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) tags, outsourcing the physical audit can reduce audit time, minimise costs and enable more frequent health checks to be undertaken.

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