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Asset Tracking

Real Asset Management’s (RAM) comprehensive data capture and asset tracking software transforms the speed, accuracy and efficiency of the asset audit. Combining hand-held devices with a central asset register, organisations can track asset location and status with minimal cost and resources, streamlining compliance and imposing control over the asset base.  Users have the option of using dedicated barcode scanning equipment (Windows Mobile PDA’s) or smartphones and tablets running iOS/Android/Windows Phone 8. The app can be downloaded for free to be used in conjunction with RAM's asset tracking software.

Asset Tracking Software - Icon

Asset Tracking Software

Providing both IT and finance decision makers with the ability to track and record detailed information about assets within a centralised register, RAM’s asset tracking software improves asset control and enables effective asset reallocation to reduce expenditure.  Combined with data collection via passive RFID and barcodes, this solution enables fast, simple and accurate system updates.

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Barcode/RFID Scanning

Combining innovative tagging with portable scanning technology to carry out fast and accurate physical audits at minimal cost, RAM’s asset tracking solution enables thousands of assets across multiple locations to be covered in a single audit. The rapid collection of asset data using specialist PDAs or Smart Phones enables more frequent audits, improving the management and utilisation of critical corporate resources.

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Asset Tagging/Data Collection Service

Efficient data collection is a fundamental component of the audit process. Combining innovative scanning and asset tagging technologies with an experienced audit team transforms data collection, reducing costs, minimising resources and creating a complete, accurate and up to date asset register.


The Asset Tracking mobile app

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