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Barcode/RFID Scanning

Real Asset Management’s (RAM) asset tracking software transforms the audit process by using barcodes, passive Radio Frequency ID (RFID) and portable scanning technology to carry out fast and accurate physical audits at minimal cost. Covering thousands of assets across multiple locations in a single audit, scanning reduces the time spent on physical audits and improves asset traceability.  The Asset Tracking Smart Phone App is available for use with barcodes.


  • Hand-held data capture device scans location and unit tag (barcode or RFID).
  • A unique digital identifier is allocated to each  asset, enabling even identical units to be catalogued individually.
  • Item status and location is uploaded into the central database in real time using WiFi or in batch mode via USB synching.
  • Hand-held device delivers an interactive display to provide the user with full asset attributes including description, make, model and serial number.
  • Scanner can be used as a data capture tool to enter new asset information.
  • Data can be uploaded from an asset register or Excel™ spreadsheet to the hand-held unit.

Streamline Audit

RAM’s passive RFID and barcode asset tracking software transforms the speed and accuracy of an asset audit.

  • Assets can be flagged as correctly located, transferred or missing.
  • Unexpected or misplaced items can be quickly identified through advanced search.
  • Actions arising as a result of an audit can be rapidly verified prior to updating the register.
  • In depth reporting and analysis provides the foundation for better asset  management and decision making.

Reduce Cost and Improve Compliance

Passive RFID and barcode based tracking delivers rapid insight into changes of asset status or location.

  • Limit financial losses related to lost or stolen assets.
  • Reduce unnecessary expenditure on redundant or under-used assets.
  • Provide auditors with reliable, proven data to assist in compliance with regulations such as IFRS, SOX, UK/US GAAP and IAS.
  • Qualify assets easily and efficiently for tax and insurance purposes.

RFID Asset Tracking

RAM’s passive RFID asset tracking solution removes the need for direct scanning, reduces time spent on physical audits, eliminates disruptions and improves traceability.

  • A cost effective alternative to traditional barcodes.
  • Allows any number of assets to be located with a single click.
  • Enables physical audits in areas with limited access.
  • Minimises user disruption during the audit process.

Other Asset Tracking Software Solutions

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