Jun 30 2017

Any organisation that handles a large number of assets, with many of them moving regularly, will have experienced loss or theft of these items at some point.

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Five ways that RAM’s Asset Tracking app can help hotels keep assets safe

May 23 2017

At the start of the month, Real Asset Management sponsored Infoline’s Implementing IFRS 16 conferences. The events were held in the Bloomsbury Hotel in London and gave attendees tips in preparing...

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Implementing IFRS 16 – No More Delays!

Apr 13 2017

It’s the Easter weekend and we’re sure many of you are looking forward to having a few extra days to rest and consume copious amounts of chocolate

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Why it’s best to put all of your Easter eggs in one basket

Is it time for a Spring clean of your Asset Register?

Mar 31 2017

In an ideal world, asset managers would have a complete grasp of all equipment within their organisation, with up-to-date details of each item maintained to a high standard. Unfortunately, we don't...

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Brace yourselves, IFRS 16 is coming

Feb 28 2017

Change is a fact of life for everybody, especially accountants. You would be hard-pressed to find a profession that deals with change more frequently than it does.

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Tips on how to become an asset tracking hero!

Jan 31 2017

In years gone by, keeping track of company belongings has been an arduous task and often a manual process. At the RAM blog, we’re here to tell you that it doesn’t have to be this way!

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The audit before Christmas

Dec 22 2016

Twas the night before Christmas, when in the warehouse Not an asset was missing, not even a mouse. The tracking process was completed with care, Knowing that the auditors soon would be there.

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Facilities Management Software versus Spreadsheets

Nov 30 2016

There are many companies out there using spreadsheets to manage property maintenance issues. When the number of tasks is low, this is a generally accepted method of recording maintenance work, but ...

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Can’t Trackula and the Spreadsheets of Doom

Oct 31 2016

Can’t Trackula was an aptly named Transylvanian nobleman who was often mocked for his inability to keep track of his fixed assets and equipment. Ever since he could remember, Trackula felt like a...

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IFRS 16 – Are you ready to meet IFRS 16 lease accounting requirements?

Sep 28 2016

It seems that it is a never-ending struggle to comply with the latest rules and regulations for accountants. One minute your auditors are completely satisfied that you adhere to all IAS 17 requirem...

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Asset Tracking: Issues, Returns and Reservations

Aug 30 2016

For organisations with equipment that often changes hands, keeping tabs on those items is crucial. Many companies find that expensive assets are lost or stolen if an up to date record of their loca...

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