Tips on how to become an asset tracking hero!

Jan 31 2017

ChrisNoller In years gone by, keeping track of company belongings has been an arduous task and often a manual process. At the RAM blog, we’re here to tell you that it doesn’t have to be this way!

We sat down with RAM account manager, Chris Noller, to see if he had any tips on how to ease the task of asset tracking!

RAM Blog (henceforth known as RB): A lot of people find asset tracking an arduous task, does it ever get easier?

Chris Noller (CN): There is no reason to be daunted by asset tracking. The use of a specialist system with an integrated app really does make it as straightforward as logging in and recording your items.

RB: You make it sound easy. What about all of the administrative work that has to go in to maintaining such a system?

CN: That’s because it is easy! The simplest way to start tracking equipment is to have your system hosted in the Cloud. RAM offers its clients access to a highly secured Cloud network that is protected by physical security technology. A team looks after all of the back-end administration, so all you really have to do is point and scan!

RB: Surely there is no way to get around spending weeks looking for assets?

CN: The best way to combat this would be to change procedures somewhat. Instead of logging your assets and tracking their locations once a year, have a system in place that allows for every day asset tracking – make it a routine. Many organisations are enjoying the benefits of issue, return and reservation functionality. Instead of scrambling to find assets at the end of the year, you can use a specialist app to scan its barcode each time it is used, moved, issued, returned or reserved – giving you a complete audit trail of the asset’s movements and its current ownership, making it as simple as going to its last known location and logging it to verify that it has been found! Transforming asset tracking to a day-to-day operation also helps companies drastically reduce the risk of theft or loss!

RB: A lot of people would like to access their asset database whilst on the move, is this possible?

CN: Sure. When not using the app to scan and record details about assets, users can just log in to the software via their web browser and view details. Asset information can be updated in real time using the app and reflected on the online system!

RB: It all sounds great, but surely it still takes a lot of time to put reports together at the end of all this?

CN: Actually, no. The system has a number of reports that present information in a digestible format. This means that at year-end, organisations that deploy a day-to-day tracking routine are able to save a huge amount of time in compiling reports.

RB: Are there any further benefits of using a specialist Cloud-based asset tracking system?

CN: There really are so many advantages, it’s hard to know where to begin! The system will have completely configurable fields, so all information is relevant to the user-company. As mentioned previously, it drastically reduces administrative tasks and costs. Using the Cloud method decreases capital expenditure as there is no need for the company to purchase back-end server hardware. Also, upgrades and security patches are delivered remotely. I could go on. .

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