Business Activity Monitoring

Business Activity Monitoring (BAM) tool that can be layered over any of the Real Asset Management software. Based on zero-latency technology, it can immediately issues email and report alerts or takes action when user-specified data relationship situations occur, such as when an asset's insurance renewal is due, when a warranty is about to expire or when a key asset has been flagged for disposal.

Much like having a dedicated employee watching over all assets, capital projects, leases and maintenance plans 24/7, it can be used to act on any situation or condition to pre-set time-cycles, ensuring that both critical and non-critical triggers get the attention that business managers want.

This module is supplied with a standard EventPak that contains a suite of the most common checks and their associated actions. Each of the Events can be either deactivated or easily tailored to meet specific requirements and an unlimited number of new Events can be added.

Key Benefits to Business Activity Monitoring

  • Never forget a critical action date again.
  • Reduce redundant manual tasks.
  • Auto-monitor assets, leases, projects and maintenance plans 24 hrs a day, 365 days a year.
  • Reduce wasted time and money correcting avoidable errors.
  • Reduce labour by automating common tasks.
  • Leverage more from investing in RAM's Software Suite.
  • Can be utilised with all GL, ERP and CRM systems that use ODBC databases (such as MS SQL and Oracle).
  • Works with most email systems, including Outlook and Lotus.
  • Automatic notifications can be sent via email, fax or text message.
  • Advanced features include the ability to auto generate a report and send it to a manager as well as a dashboard system to manage alerts.

Real Asset Management strives to maintain its high standards within the software industry and has received the following accreditations:

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