powered by qlikviewCombining a centralised asset register with effective decision making can transform efficiency, reduce costs and ensure effective utilisation of corporate assets. Configured to sit across its asset management suite of products, from tracking key performance indicators to delivering a user specific dashboard, Real Asset Management’s (RAM) business intelligence tool supports better decision making at every level of the organisation, from Asset Manager to Financial Director.


  • Key Performance Indicator and dashboard reporting.
  • Simple point and click data visualisation with tables, graphs, dials, gauges, maps, charts and reports.
  • Print, export and drill-down into graphs and other report objects over the Web.
  • Works using multiple data sources and consolidates views of data.
  • Pre-set, automated data refresh cycles deliver business analysis in seconds.
  • Bespoke dashboard interface provides KPI snapshots.

Better Decision Making

Faster decision making drives better business performance, improves asset utilisation and enables effective management of the asset base.

  • Track financial and operational KPIs, from asset audit due dates and insurance renewals to stock level thresholds.
  • Empower business users to perform their own analysis and reporting with Google™-like simplicity.

Flexible Intelligence Solution

Rapid deployment and in built scalability deliver targeted asset intelligence.

  • Need for IT support for BI eliminated.
  • Scalable to meet every business requirement, from single users to the largest multi-national enterprise.
  • Mobile solution can be deployed on remote devices, such as iPhones, iPads and via Internet connections, providing anytime and anywhere access.
  • Data can be consolidated across RAM and non-RAM data sources, with or without data marts and data warehouses for rapid analysis.