Fixed Asset Management Software

Effective fixed asset management can only be achieved through the use of fully comprehensive software with a centralised fixed asset register. Real Asset Management’s (RAM) fixed asset management software supports the entire asset accounting lifecycle, encompassing depreciation processing and forecasting, lease accounting, monitoring capital expenditure and physical auditing. RAM’s specialist software streamlines compliance, imposes financial control over fixed assets and improves forecasting.

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Fixed Asset Software

RAM’s IFRS compliant fixed asset register provides complete information on asset status, history and location, supports complex depreciation and streamlines compliance.

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Tax Compliance

RAM's tax planning solution combines allowance calculations and rules to deliver up to date and accurate information about assets eligible for tax relief.

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Depreciation Forecasting & Modelling

RAM’s depreciation modelling solution exploits the fixed asset data to create 'what if' scenarios that accurately predict the effect of different capital expenditure and disposal programmes, optimising investment returns (ROIs).

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Lease Accounting Software

RAM’s lease accounting solution improves management of finance and operating leases and improves visibility of lease exposure and management.

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Capital Project Control Software

RAM’s capital project system delivers effective capital expenditure management with complete control of cash flow, budgets and projects. The solution also enables the creation of Work-in-Progress (WIP) assets.