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Tax Compliance

Real Asset Management’s (RAM) effective and rapid tax-planning solution provides finance professionals across the globe with up to date and accurate information about assets eligible for tax relief. Combining one-step allowance calculations with the capacity for separately definable tax years and easily configured allowance rules provides an easy-to-use tool for gathering information on qualifying assets.


  • Leverages the records within the fixed asset register as a basis for tax relief calculation.
  • Supports grouped assets to enable capital expenditure to be apportioned to incorporate any number of allowance rules.
  • Automatically updates calculation in response to accounting events, such as transfers and disposals.
  • Detailed reconciliation reports outline the effects of calculations under the various allowance rules.
  • Calculates individual and pooled costs.
  • Instant calculation of asset allowance costs.
  • Produces fast and accurate ‘what if’ computations.

Improved Insight

Automated tax calculation delivers significant cost savings for organisations that have traditionally used estimates or outsourced.

  • One-off calculations can be undertaken for a specific project.
  • Produces detailed reconciliation reports grouping figures by allowance rules.
  • Stores allowance costs for past, current and future years.
  • Enables rapid tax planning through quick and accurate ‘what if’ forecasts.

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