Reasons to put Facilities Management Software top of your list

Feb 10 2016

Whether a large corporate organisation or a small business, a facilities management software solution can assist facilities managers responsible for the management and control of buildings and property assets to streamline processes, improve productivity and reduce property management costs.

Responsible for everything from properties to all assets installed or contained within the buildings, facilities managers today are under increasing pressure to provide a well managed service enabling the organisation to function at its more efficient and effective level.

Implementing a specialist and centralised facilities management solution can provide a number of benefits and below are just five of the key drivers for investing in such a solution:

  • Improves compliance

    When monitoring and maintaining facilities, particularly across a number of buildings or large spaces, there are often hundreds or thousands of assets that are required to remain compliant with health and safety and environmental standards. Having an accurate and detailed buildings and property register is at the heart of successful compliance and enables managers to ensure that all relevant standards are being met and frequently reviewed.

  • Optimises efficiency and improves the management of customer contracts

    Having the capability to manage multiple offices or contracts within a centralised solution enables facilities managers to better organise resources, schedule and issue jobs, control budgets and monitor contractor performance. Information such as supplier and contractor details, task rates and resource charges also assists with faster and smoother job allocation.

  • Identifies trends in recurring faults/repairs

    Being able to track maintenance by the type of faults and associated costs along with meter readings for utility usage etc.... will assist organisations in making more informed decisions about future maintenance strategies and extend and maximise the lifecycle of assets.

  • Improves resource planning

    Tools which can associate contractors/suppliers with specific skills and trades and which shows availability and proximity to a job can considerably improve business response and performance. Mobile maintenance applications also allow contractors to view up-to-date work orders remotely and provide the ability to update jobs and record information including status updates and customer signatures.

  • Ensures the highest level of customer satisfaction

    Having access to a dedicated portal providing tenants with a self service facility to report property maintenance requests, enabling full details of property to be entered, viewed, maintained and updated ensures a speedy response to client requests and ultimately better customer service.

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