A Q&A with Neel Asar

Jun 28 2013

1. Full Name?

Neel Asar

2. How long have you been working at RAM?
5 years and 1 month

3. What does your role as senior implementation consultant involve?
Essentially, my main responsibility lies in dealing with our clients in the UK and Europe. If they are a new client I am responsible for managing their implementation process and if they are an existing customer I deal with their consultancy. One day I may be customising software designs and the next I may be running user training sessions- every day can be different. When I’m not visiting clients I essentially support the software, so this may involve improving the specifications, updating the software and providing client support over email and phone.

4. What is your favourite colour?
Blue- well, most of my clothes are blue so I must like it!

5. iPhone or Android?
iPhone, definitely the iPhone

6. What is your favourite thing about working for RAM?
Without a doubt the answer is the team that I work with. Our office has a variety of extremely talented individuals with some who have been here for over 15 years so you are always learning something new.

7. What is your favourite RAM module?
I would have to say our flagship Asset4000- It is a diverse, challenging module that is always interesting to deal with.

8. What is your greatest job related achievement?
Last year shortly after I became a senior implementation consultant, I was given the responsibility to manage clients throughout Europe. This involved me travelling to countries such as Germany, Poland and Turkey to name a few which due to the varying country-specific needs made the implementation processes fairly complex. I overcame obstacles where I was initially out of my comfort zone with a highly successful end result.

9. If you didn’t work at RAM what would you be doing?
Realistically my background is in IT and business so I guess I would be working in a similar environment. In an unrealistic world I would be a professional footballer- one can wish I guess.

10. Where is your next holiday destination?
Chicago & New York

11. Describe yourself in one word?
Cheeky- backed up by the rest of the office

12. Who is your ultimate role model and why?
Eric Cantona- He has had incidents in his career where he has been exposed in the limelight for the wrong reasons yet he has always come back stronger. He has shown me that in the face of adversity you can always come back fighting.