All I want for an asset tracking mobile app!

Dec 03 2015

Dear Santa,

I have heard about how RAM’s asset tracking app is providing a number of organisations with a paperless and fully integrated hand held asset tracking solution and wondered if we could have one of those for Christmas please?

The mobile app would enable us to conduct low-cost, physical audits quickly and easily using our existing mobile devices; so no expensive scanners to purchase! It’s a paperless and fully integrated asset tracking system which would enable us to use our iOS, Android or Windows Phone devices to scan any asset and upload the data straight into the fixed asset register. 

The application works in real time via a wireless connection and would allow us to view, update, and complete events remotely so that with the touch of a button, the register can be updated with critical asset information. Amongst other things, the mobile app would enable us to:

• Flag items as transferred, located or missing.

• Upload audited data to the central asset register.

• Easily identify assets for auditing and insurance purposes.

• Utilise driven pick lists, allowing for faster data input and reduced risk of user error.

• Manage the issue and return of assets, minimising unexplained losses.

This really does sound like the answer to our prayers as we have needed to streamline our asset tracking processes and gain better control of our asset base for some time now. We would be very grateful if we could have the RAM asset tracking mobile app for Christmas!!

Thanks in advance Santa.......

Yours sincerely,

A hopeful IT Manager x