Combining asset tracking with a CMMS – the benefits for mobile assets...

Mar 03 2016

It may be that you already have a robust and well functioning solution in place to manage the maintenance of your mobile assets but do you also have an adequate means of tracking those assets?

Whether a hospital tracking medical devices or portable surgical instruments, a manufacturing business tracking tooling equipment or a fleet management organisation tracking mobile heavy equipment, managing hundreds and thousands of expensive, mobile assets can be a very challenging and labour intensive task. Each year, such organisations will find themselves in a situation where a large portion of their assets are either lost, stolen or misplaced, seriously impacting on their level of efficiency and productivity.

Adopting a dual approach to the tracking and maintenance of your asset base, will in the long term not only provide far greater cost efficiencies but also complement and further enhance the performance of your current maintenance programme. Key benefits of incorporating asset tracking into your maintenance strategy include:

  • An accurate & up-to-date record of an asset’s physical location
  • Fast & efficient asset tracking while engineers/contractors are on-site
  • Increased maintenance efficiency & job completion rates, as devices and equipment can be found in the expected locations
  • Reduced data input due to the seamless updating of an asset’s location
  • Reduced expenditure costs as assets are maintained more regularly
  • Automated work order alerts and measurement of timely servicing to increase availability

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