Considering a move to the Cloud? 5 key reasons to switch to a hosted software solution

May 05 2016


Making the change to moving your software over to a hosted solution may be a difficult decision to make, especially when organisations get accustomed to their IT departments setting up and installing their software hardware and managing the overall support of the system. But with increasing pressure on businesses today to create cost efficiencies and improve the bottom line, cloud-based Software as a Service (SaaS) has now become a serious contender to the traditional model of software installation in the business environment. 

Below are just 5 of the key benefits for making the move......... 


Reduce Costs

The Cloud computing model removes the high upfront costs associated with the purchase of back end server hardware which would need to be installed, tested and launched with a local installation. Instead, you can just access the software and pay as you go ensuring that ongoing operating costs are fixed and affordable.


Immediate Access

Get up and running with the use of your new software within days or even hours as opposed to the weeks or months it could take your IT department to commission, implement and configure systems and services.


Focus on Core Competencies

Entrusting the ongoing management and administration of your solution allows your organisation to focus on its core mission, instead of managing external IT systems.


Improve Service Levels

Leveraging specialist application knowledge can enhance system uptime and application security, support and upgrades.  Costs and effort associated with new releases and upgrades are much lower than the traditional model as servers are off-premise, so the supplier can roll out regular software updates on your behalf, ensuring optimum use of the system.


Increase Security

Cloud computing offers highly secured networks and physical security technology and procedures. Data backup with secure off-site storage is a given, providing the peace of mind that should your IT device be lost or stolen that your business critical data can still be accessed securely.

So, it is becoming more apparent that cloud-based Software as a Service (SaaS) overcomes the traditional IT and budget barriers to provide a business with reliable, cost effective software that is easily and quickly deployed. Cloud-based software doesn’t involve large, up front licencing costs or massive internal IT overheads and, critically, delivers the high level of functionality required to improve performance across the business.


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