Five ways that RAM’s Asset Tracking app can help hotels keep assets safe

Jun 30 2017

Any organisation that handles a large number of assets, with many of them moving regularly, will have experienced loss or theft of these items at some point, as well as the headache that comes with monitoring everything that the company owns or has on site . This has been perceived as an inescapable part of life within many sectors over the years, but can now be made a thing of the past by implementing specialist asset tracking software!

In the hotel industry, for example, guest luggage is mislaid occasionally and an age can be spent locating rogue suitcases. Whilst this causes an inconvenience and wastes time, it also represents a pretty severe security risk with the contents of bags being unknown.

Here are five ways that RAM’s comprehensive asset tracking solution can help hotels with everyday tracking issues:

  1. Monitor luggage brought to the premises by visitors with check in and out functionality - Many of our customers from the hotel sector come to us seeking a system that they can use to check luggage in and out, ensuring that all health and safety procedures are adhered to and that their guests’ belongings are tracked in a timely, accurate manner. With the use of our sleek mobile app, hotel staff can have peace of mind that security is watertight!

  2. Trace all asset movements between rooms and site locations – RAM’s software utilises easy to use barcode scanning technology to update the central system with all assets’ current whereabouts. Transfer events can be automatically added to the software, providing a complete and accurate audit trail. The mobile app can even be used in conjunction with RFID labels, negating the need for “line of sight” scanning!

  3. Issue, return and reserve assets and utilise equipment more effectively – When an asset switches hands, users can scan its attached barcode to mark it as “Issued” and then once again to note that it has been “Returned”. Authorised employees can access the central system to check an asset’s availability and complete a “Reservation” request to ensure that they can take it when it is no longer in use. These features ensure that equipment is monitored efficiently and detaches from the established method of using a spreadsheet to track usage – improving the reliability of data.

  4. Conduct full, comprehensive physical audits of all assets – RAM’s solution is perfect for routine asset tracking exercises, but it also provides organisations with the tools they need to complete physical audits of their asset base. Users can carry out these exercises by scanning every attached barcode on site and synchronising the data back to the central database. This process is made easier if day-to-day asset tracking exercises are carried out, as these ensure that the register is up to date when the audit comes around.

  5. Reduce the risk of loss or theft with a complete audit trail – Using the aforementioned Issue, Return and Reservation functionality, hotels are able to build a complete audit trail of who is using what. If they are struggling to find something, authorised users can log in to the system and see which member of staff, or customer, had it last. Email alerts can be configured to notify employees when they are due to return equipment!

If you are looking to improve the monitoring of equipment at your hotel, whilst reducing the risk of losing expensive assets or customer/client belongings – why not get in touch today and find out more about RAM’s simple to use software?

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