Get the Gift of a Central Asset Register this Christmas

Dec 19 2014

As Santa’s grotto grew, he found himself investing in differing solutions to help manage his assets, dependent on what was available and suitable at the time. However, these multiple systems proved to not only be expensive but also inflexible when it came to integrating with each other.

To avoid year-end stress and to keep all of his elves happy, Santa discovered that reporting can become so much easier when everyone is singing from the same carol sheet, and that when it comes to sharing data, it can all be achieved with the click of a button.

At RAM, we’ve put together a few reasons why a single asset register is the only gift on Santa’s Christmas list this year and how if you are a stressed asset manager, it should be the only thing on yours too:

Reason 1: If all of the toy departments are updating the status of assets into one system instead of keeping their own records, it will provide Santa with a much wider and clearer overview of the grotto’s entire asset base. Plus, this will also result in the elves in the finance department being able to produce reports smoothly and efficiently with minimal elf error.

Reason 2: Spanning across the North Pole, Santa has multiple sites that each need updating and their assets recorded. By having the data in one central repository, the grotto’s audit trail becomes clearer and the tasks more manageable.

Reason 3: With the growth of Santa’s business and the increase in demand, it is more important than ever to keep costs down and have an effective process in place. A single asset register means the costs are lessened and combined into one easy to manage payment. By working with only one supplier, Santa will not only save on cost, but also on the time spent resolving any issues.

Reason 4: This single asset management will also mean that Santa can implement a specialist system. For example, when it comes to regulatory requirements, the elves will no longer have to manually ensure that the grotto is compliant and Santa can ensure the system is specific to the needs and business requirements of each department.

So this year we know that the only gift Santa will have on his list will be a central asset register. If your company is also interested in the perfect gift this Christmas, please visit our fixed asset software page, email or give one of our friendly team a call on +44 (0)1689 892 137 to discuss the opportunity further.