Health & Safety Maintenance

May 24 2013


If a student or employee has an accident relating to a piece of equipment at the educational institution it is essential that the organisation can prove the equipment is in full working order or there could be serious implications.

At Real Asset Management we understand that the primary role of educational institutions is just that – education. They therefore require simple, easy to use systems that support and indeed increase operational efficiency, rather than hinder it. With the right tools, asset managers can take a far more proactive role and deliver significant additional value to the business through effective, intelligent asset management.

Asset teams have worked phenomenally hard over the past few years to ensure items are not swapped out until they have delivered maximum value for money and to balance asset performance with risk, age and innovation but it is also essential that the equipment is kept up to date with all health and safety requirements.

If your school, college or university needs a simple, easy to use system that can help not only monitor, maintain and prolong their assets but also provide them with the evidence and peace of mind that their equipment is safe, please take a look at our website.