Lucky number 7

Jul 17 2014

The seven key aspects of what makes our helpdesk second to none

Here at Real Asset Management we are really proud to always receive such brilliant feedback from our clients about our helpdesk. So we thought we’d share with you some of the things we do to make sure we always provide excellent customer service.

There are seven main things that we stick to, to help deliver an outstanding service to our clients.

1. We are always personable - As and when we can, we strive to call our customers and not just email them. We want to build a relationship; not just an email trail.

2. We are as efficient as possible - We aim to respond to all enquiries within one hour to make sure any customer queries can be resolved as quickly as possible.

3. We leverage our industry expertise - All our help desk employees are both customer service experts and fully trained on our system. They know the ins and outs of how it works and are trained on how to handle your enquiries. This means we can quickly and effectively talk you through any queries and get them resolved.

4. We always follow up – After we resolve a client’s issue, we always close the loop and make sure the solution has helped. If we hear back from our clients, we will always give them a follow up call to make sure everything is working as it should be.

5. We are dedicated – We offer 8am-6pm support covering most in-office hours.

6. We treat every customer as an individual – We don’t follow scripts on our helpdesk. Each call is dealt with on an individual basis with a personal touch and each person is dealt with as an individual and not a number.

7. We love feedback – We love hearing what our customers think of the systems. We always share any customer feedback with the development team and fill in system change requests whenever a customer requests a change, which we will always follow up on.

It’s as easy as that! We receive a wide range of calls coming into us on a daily basis both from new customers, and more advanced, longer standing clients. Each one of them gets the same, unique, personal and effective customer care.

Everyone is treated the same, receiving dedicated, efficient, expert, and personable advice, which doesn’t finish once we put the phone down; our continuation of support through follow-up calls and actually listening to, and implementing where possible the feedback we receive, ensures that our helpdesk is without question, helpful.