Housing User Groups

Jan 15 2014



We have summarised the top three topics discussed below.


1. FRS 102

FRS 102, understandably, is a big topic within the housing user groups. With this in mind we decided to dedicate a chunk of our session time to focus on how RAM can help housing organisations become compliant. A lot of our users purchase RAM’s software for compliance reasons, however they don’t always realise how effective and helpful the software can be when it comes to preparing for the latest FRS 102 requirement amongst others. With the new SORP regulations being released in early 2014, we thought it would be the perfect time to showcase how to draw the best out of the system when it comes to reporting standards and regulations. It was fair to say that a lot of our clients came to the user group session knowing a little about FRS 102 and what it meant for them but left knowing a lot.


2. Business Intelligence

Within the housing sector there are huge amounts of data that have to be kept and recorded and RAM allows housing associations to make the most of this data by offering solutions that can make the data visible and accessible by integrating the RAM solution with its business intelligence software. This is something that proved important to those who attended.


3. Next Steps

One thing we pride ourselves on is taking product feedback and developing additional functionality for our clients.


The user group sessions are a fantastic way to connect with our clients and talk to them about how they are using the system, what benefits they are seeing and what functionality they would like to see next. The latest housing user groups proved no exception to this and we would like to thank everyone who attended and shared their knowledge and expertise with the rest of the group. We look forward to seeing you all at next year’s user group sessions.