It's decision day!

May 07 2015

Specialist fixed asset software or spreadsheets – what gets your vote?

After weeks of campaigning and deliberations, the day has finally arrived to make that all important decision which will affect the future of our country for the next 5 years. And many of you will already have made your voice heard this morning.

But on a business note, are you doing the same? Are you making key decisions to improve the long term success of your business? Here at RAM, we have been working with a large number of organisations who have deliberated over the decision to replace their spreadsheet based system with specialist fixed asset software to manage their asset base.

For those of you currently facing a similar dilemma or about to review your fixed asset processes, RAM has outlined below the manifesto for both options to help you make up your mind.

Fixed Asset Software


Full audit trail

No audit trail

Fast, easy and accurate depreciation

Inaccurate depreciation calculations

Efficient data entry with built in validation

Error prone due to complicated formulas and inconsistent data entry

Security defined at user level

Lack of security

Full compliance with IFRS/SOX/GAAP etc..

Failure to meet corporate governance requirements

Full suite of standard and customisable reports to meet audit requirements

Inability to meet historical reporting & forecasting requirements

Easily manages hundreds of thousands of assets

Unwieldy and difficult to manage as asset register grows


Still undecided?

If you would like to find out more about how a specialist system can improve the accountability and traceability of your asset base, contact Real Asset Management today who will be more than happy to help. Email or give one of our friendly team a call on +44 (0)1689 892 137.

Make your vote count – take a positive step today!