Maintenance - Health and Safety

May 22 2014

We all know the importance of maintaining our assets when it comes to prolonging the asset lifecycle but how often do you think about health and safety within your maintenance plan? The answer is probably not too often.

The increasing importance of health and safety is something that is apparent to every organisation and in certain working environments, it is critical.

The primary role of a business lies within their specialism, not necessarily within health and safety. It is therefore important that organisations implement a simple, easy to use system that can support and indeed increase operational efficiency, rather than hinder it. With the right tools, asset managers can take a far more proactive role and deliver significant additional value to the business through effective, intelligent asset management.

Asset teams have worked phenomenally hard over the past few years to ensure items are not swapped out until they have delivered maximum value for money and to balance asset performance with risk, age and innovation but it is also essential that the equipment is kept up to date with all health and safety requirements.

It is time that asset managers started looking at health and safety as an additional priority when it comes to maintenance management. They need to start by implementing an easy to use system that can help not only monitor, maintain and prolong their assets but also provide them with the evidence and peace of mind that their equipment is safe.

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