Maintenance software – have you gone mobile?

May 19 2016


You may already have a robust maintenance management solution in place which is working well and adequately fulfils your business requirements, but have you ever considered the increased benefits that going mobile would bring to your maintenance strategy?

With more and more organisations embracing mobile technology to complement their CMMS, now might be a good time to jump on the bandwagon and give it some thought. To help with your decision, RAM has put together just 5 of the key advantages to be gained from making the move to mobile maintenance software.


Improves efficiency of field workers

A mobile maintenance solution allows engineers to view and modify up-to-date work orders and stock information remotely, regardless of their location, using a batch update or real-time wireless connection. Information can be fed directly into a mobile device which not only allows engineers to make the most effective use of their time but also ensures that priority jobs are attended to first.


Reduces administrative/data input tasks

For many engineers, scribbling information onto work orders and having to later manually add the same data into an online system is not only time and cost-consuming but it is a dated process that runs the risk of errors and loss of data.


Improves visibility and decision making

Having access to real-time information on the status of your maintenance operations, no matter where you are, provides for smarter decision making on all aspects of strategy including purchasing, repair vs replace decisions, resource allocation and budgeting requirements.


Reduces downtime

Equipment downtime can cost an organisation up to thousands of pounds so time is of the essence to get it back up and running. Mobile maintenance via smart phones speeds up the communication process allowing technicians to receive work orders on the spot, removing the need to visit the office or log on to access the maintenance schedule. Once onsite, the technician can check stock availability and process any required inventory requests in real-time, shaving time off the repair process.


Eliminates errors

Having the ability to update jobs and record such information as status updates, completion comments, fault codes and customer signatures in real-time reduces the possibility of errors due to things that are later forgotten, mistaken, left out and mislabelled etc..


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