Tips on how to become an asset tracking hero!

Jan 31 2017

In years gone by, keeping track of company belongings has been an arduous task and often a manual process. At the RAM blog, we’re here to tell you that it doesn’t have to be this way!

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The audit before Christmas

Dec 22 2016

Twas the night before Christmas, when in the warehouse Not an asset was missing, not even a mouse. The tracking process was completed with care, Knowing that the auditors soon would be there.

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Facilities Management Software versus Spreadsheets

Nov 30 2016

There are many companies out there using spreadsheets to manage property maintenance issues. When the number of tasks is low, this is a generally accepted method of recording maintenance work, but ...

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Can’t Trackula and the Spreadsheets of Doom

Oct 31 2016

Can’t Trackula was an aptly named Transylvanian nobleman who was often mocked for his inability to keep track of his fixed assets and equipment. Ever since he could remember, Trackula felt like a...

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IFRS 16 – Are you ready to meet IFRS 16 lease accounting requirements?

Sep 28 2016

It seems that it is a never-ending struggle to comply with the latest rules and regulations for accountants. One minute your auditors are completely satisfied that you adhere to all IAS 17 requirem...

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Asset Tracking: Issues, Returns and Reservations

Aug 30 2016

For organisations with equipment that often changes hands, keeping tabs on those items is crucial. Many companies find that expensive assets are lost or stolen if an up to date record of their loca...

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Real Asset Management at CIPFA 2016

Jul 25 2016

After a three year spell in London, this year’s CIPFA exhibition took place between the 13th and 14th of July in Manchester.

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FRS 102 – are you suffering from a Year-End hangover?

Jun 30 2016

Over recent times, housing associations have been tasked with adhering to accounting rules that are being enforced due to the introduction of FRS 102. The changes have led to organisations having t...

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Maintenance software – have you gone mobile?

May 19 2016

You may already have a robust maintenance management solution in place which is working well and adequately fulfils your business requirements, but have you ever considered the increased benefits t...

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Considering a move to the Cloud? 5 key reasons to switch to a hosted software solution

May 05 2016

Making the change to moving your software over to a hosted solution may be a difficult decision to make, especially when organisations get accustomed to their IT departments setting up and installi...

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Is the fixed asset module within your finance system up to the job?

Apr 14 2016

Many finance systems contain an in-built fixed asset module that usually covers the bare minimum when it comes to fixed asset accounting. These rigid solutions often leave the user with numerous ma...

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