Asset tracking – it’s about quality AND quantity

Oct 17 2014

We know that keeping on top of your assets, especially when you have a high volume across multiple locations, can be challenging. Tracking them and carrying out an audit can be no easy feat!

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Woodvale & Shankill Community Housing Association has its say!

Oct 07 2014

Woodvale and Shankill Community Housing Association is based in Belfast and provides for, upgrades and maintains general family housing needs, sheltered accommodation for the elderly and disabled a...

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Five Top Tips on Maintenance Management

Sep 29 2014

Along with your employees, your assets are the most valuable part of your business. It is therefore important that they are correctly and regularly maintained.

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Did you attend NPAG Clinical Engineering Conference? We did!

Sep 24 2014

Last week we sent Sam Sweetman and Mark Fendick up to Daventry to attend the NPAG Clinical Engineering Conference and discuss this year’s focus’; which were new technology, medical devices and ...

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Building up to FRS 102? Attend the NHF’s SORP Roadshows.

Sep 16 2014

If you’re a housing association you will be aware of the implementation of the new financial reporting standards due to come into effect for the start of the 2015/16 financial year.

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You asked, we delivered – a new configuration of Project4000

Sep 10 2014

At RAM, we pride ourselves on not just listening to our customers, but acting upon their feedback. It is really important to us that when our customers ask for additional features or new modules we...

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TECNIMED has its say…

Aug 29 2014

Based in Luanda, Angola, TECNIMED is a supplier of systems, equipment, materials and supplies needed for the successful running of hospitals, clinics and health centres across the country. The orga...

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Five tips for a bump free implementation process

Aug 22 2014

We know that the implementation of any new system into an operational business can be difficult at the best of times. So, at RAM we try our best to make the process as simple and painless as possib...

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Benefits of a single fixed asset register

Aug 14 2014

As companies grow, change and alter, they can often find themselves investing in differing types of fixed asset management software and non-finance asset management systems, dependant on what is av...

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Real Asset Management launches Asset Tracking Smartphone App

Aug 04 2014

- The Application provides organisations with the ability to update and track assets from a mobile device at any location -

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RAM is the chosen CMMS vendor for the Orleans Levee District

Aug 01 2014

Eight years ago, Hurricane Katrina stormed through Louisiana and dumped tens of billions of gallons of water into the city as a result of numerous levee failures. The scale of&n...

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