Pennaf Housing has its say…

Apr 02 2014

Pennaf Ltd provides general corporate management support services as well as specialist services to Pennaf Housing Group members. Pennaf was created in response to the changing and ever more demanding needs faced by service providers in the community to maximise the use of limited resources. It was this that led them to need a more specialist asset management solution and we caught up with Stephen Morris, Finance Controller at Pennaf Housing Group to discuss why he chose RAM.

When SORP regulations were introduced in 2008, Pennaf saw its asset base escalate from 5,500 to in excess of 60,000. After trialling a traditional spreadsheet method of recording our depreciating assets, we saw the need for an accurate, robust and flexible system that would allow us to record our large array of properties including residential homes and hostels.

The wide variety of properties that we have was making it difficult for us to keep track of our depreciating assets. We were using a mix of spreadsheets and an in-house housing rental system which, when combined, were not designed for asset management. And when component accounting was introduced our number of assets increased dramatically and after struggling to produce all the necessary information needed, we decided to seek a genuine asset management system.

We quickly realised that RAM’s Asset4000 system was extremely flexible and was exactly what we needed. With different types of properties, each with a different asset base and a different life cycle, we needed a system which would be able to handle a vast amount of different data. RAM’s solution could do exactly that.

Another key reason for selecting RAM was that it is able to integrate with our finance system, Kypera, which together will deliver increased efficiency, saving us time and ultimately, money. We will also consider rolling out the system across our partner groups Clwyd Alyn, Ty Glas and Offa, once the system is fully implemented in April.

But aside from this, it’s not only RAM’s solution that has impressed us; it has also been its great customer service so far. From the word go, RAM has been nothing but extremely helpful and we are now looking forward to finalising the implementation and realising the benefits of the system.

For more information about how RAM can help your business, please visit our solutions page or give one of our friendly team a call on +44 (0)1689 892 100.