Preparing for Academy status

Jan 23 2014


Currently many schools typically have their assets managed and tracked by the local authority and those which they do track internally are managed on spreadsheets. Not only is this time-consuming, inefficient and prone to error; it is something auditors will not accept once schools gain academy status.


Academies will be accountable for their own asset register and therefore need to ensure they have a reliable, efficient and user friendly solution that cannot only help them manage their assets but track them too; and barcoding is a great way to do this.


Barcoding allows schools to track their assets across various areas of the school and even across different campuses where appropriate. They can then scan the barcodes into a system that automatically updates the asset management solution, providing accuracy, speed and reporting on demand. Barcodes also act as a deterrent, resulting in less equipment going missing or leaving the school premises.


It is critical that schools wanting to gain academy status move away from spreadsheets and take a leap into the world of automated asset management. Not only will this enable them their first steps into becoming ‘academy ready’, but they can also keep track of all the assets they have within the school and make sure they are using them efficiently, saving money and time. Both of which are precious for any school!


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