RAM provides its take on this year’s HefmA conference…

Jun 12 2013

However, the responsibility is huge; estates and facilities managers are responsible for maintaining hundreds of millions of pounds worth of assets, buildings and estates; can trusts really afford for this vast asset base not to be optimised?

Once a specialist asset management system is in place, it instantly means the disposal of duplicate paper copies, leaving the hard work up to the web based solution. The transparency seen across the workplace means you can see what needs doing, who is available to do it and when - providing a more effective use of internal resources and a more accurate report of the asset base.

What is very clear to us here at RAM is that now is the time for providers to the NHS to work highly collaboratively with this sector. The responsibility is on technology companies to work in partnership with trusts to help them achieve efficiency, effectiveness and cost savings. We are already doing this with more than 200 NHS Trusts across the UK and happy to assist any new trusts in meeting these objectives.

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