RAM’s mobile maintenance solution

Apr 04 2013

Fully integrated with RAM’s CMMS module, information can be fed directly into the mobile device with the option to view work orders by location, asset, priority, status or date. This not only allows engineers to make the most effective use of their time but also ensures the priority jobs are attended to first, reducing the risk of further problems escalating.

The solution provides engineers with the freedom to manage all planned and preventive maintenance without having to return to the office to collect job after job and repeatedly transfer information.

RAM’s solution contains the following key features to make life easier:

  • Supports multiple users providing access to personal task lists and inventory tracking.
  • Configurable workflow set up enables user definable job statuses, a simple complete-only option as well as live feedback to graphical scheduling board.
  • Instant receipt of jobs including all associated site and equipment, job and contact details.
  • Ability to update jobs and record such information as status updates, completion comments, fault codes and customer signatures.
  • Creation of ad-hoc job requests on the PDA with the option to schedule immediately.
  • The use of barcodes supports the process allowing assets to be scanned in order to start work, create new work orders and manage parts for stock issue and return.
  • Improve communication via GPRS for remote staff, wireless networking, cradle synchronisation and the ability to update work orders when off-line.
To learn more about how the use of a mobile maintenance solution could help your business then take a look at our website.