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Understanding Maintenance Management

Oct 08 2015

How well are you managing the control of your assets? And how much visibility do you have into the efficiency and cost effectiveness of your maintenance processes? 

Understanding Depreciation

Aug 19 2015

Businesses use fixed assets such as plant, property and equipment in generating revenues and as infrastructure for the business. Fixed assets are not charged to the profit and loss account rather t ...

Sharp's Brewery has its say........

Jul 01 2015

Sharp’s Brewery, the largest brewer of cask beer in the South West and owner of the UK’s no. 1 selling cask beer brand, Doom Bar, has recently selected Real Asset Management’s (RAM) fully int ...

Wealden District Council chooses RAM...

Apr 08 2015

Wealden District Council has selected Real Asset Management (RAM) to help maintain detailed asset records and ensure that it meets audit and IFRS regulations. We spoke with Gillian Taberner, Wealde ...

The audit process is over - what now for the public sector?

Jun 06 2014

It’s the middle of June, the hassle of the end of year process is behind you, so surely now you can sit back and relax?

Start planning for the IFRS changes to lease accounting

Jul 30 2012

The announcement that the new rules are likely to come into effect soon for local government, shortly followed by other areas of government, including the NHS, means that the pressure is now on to ...

Asset control in the NHS

Nov 12 2012

NHS Trusts have come under increasing pressure to improve the management of several £100m of assets, from medical equipment onwards, in order to reduce spiralling litigation claims and deliver far ...

Partner up

Apr 26 2013

We are delighted to announce that we have been selected as an approved partner of Advanced Business Solutions!

Mergers & acquisitions & the importance of your asset base

Aug 05 2013

For any organisation facing merger or acquisition activity, maximising value is a major challenge. And while cash rich companies are keen to expand where possible, no organisation wants to acquire ...