Roaming assets, it’s an Education!

May 27 2014

We are being asked more and more about how we can help track fixed assets that move from location to location or person to person. This type of ‘roaming asset’ can be anything from an iPad to a digital camera, and we are seeing these types of items becoming an increasing asset headache, especially in the Education sector.

For example, we recently worked with a group of schools in Hackney to help manage their fixed assets more efficiently. The schools’ business manager was often facing issues when it came to tracking the equipment that could be rented or loaned to students and teachers across the school.

With IT becoming increasingly important in today’s educational curriculum, the schools naturally owned a variety of IT-based equipment, most of which was mobile and moved from classroom to classroom with pupils or teachers. The movement of these items was beginning to highlight problems for the schools when it came to managing the assets and keeping an up to date record for the auditors.They needed something that was capable of tracking the assets no matter where on the premises they were.

A reliable and efficient fixed asset management system can offer a solution to this issue enabling asset managers to analyse and track the ‘roaming’ assets from person to person –something that is hugely useful in a school environment where teachers and pupils can loan equipment for a day or for longer periods of time.

We have seen the system provide a very rapid return on investment. For example when a customer suffered a recent break in, an accurate and full insurance value could be claimed using the detailed fixed asset register information. Roaming assets had recently been returned to the building, which were issued elsewhere and could be included in the claim.

So if you are managing fixed assets for a school or educational facility and any of these issues sound all too familiar, then get in touch. We can help you lose the headache around roaming assets.

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