Steven Prentice in the hot seat.........

Sep 09 2015

Steven Prentice is a Senior Implementation Consultant at RAM. We catch up with Steven to find out a bit more about him and exactly why he loves his job.

1. Full name?

Steven Prentice

2. Job title?
Senior Implementation Consultant

3. Number of years with RAM?
4 years

4. What does your role involve?
The main aspect of my role revolves around project managing the implementation of both our Fixed Asset Accounting and Maintenance modules across client sites from a range of industry sectors. However, my day-to-day tasks can also include providing technical support to clients, providing pre-sales support, development and specification writing. I am also one of the key developers for our business intelligence application.

5. What do you enjoy most about the role?
The variety of the role is one of the biggest attractions. I enjoy the fact that no two days are ever the same. This is especially true since becoming involved with our Maintenance module, given its vast configurability.

6. What makes RAM a good workplace?
The people are definitely the key driving force behind RAM being a good workplace. I also like the way the company nurtures a culture where employees are able to apply their talents to the fullest in an environment that allows you to grow and gain new knowledge and skills.

7. What is your favourite RAM module and why?
I would have to say Maintenance. The configurability of the module makes it both challenging and interesting to implement, with each project having its own unique set of parameters.

8. What is your greatest job related achievement?
My greatest job related achievement would be seeing our first Business Intelligence app go live, with me having been the one who developed it! Having not come from a development background originally, it gave me great pleasure to see this through to the end.

9. iPhone or Android? In which camp do you sit?
iPhone for me, although there have been a few people trying to convince me otherwise lately!

10. If you didn’t work at RAM, what would you be doing?
I was always interested in planning at university having studied Geography. So I may have looked to go down the route of town or road planning. However in an ideal world, I would be lacing up my boots and walking out onto the hallowed turf of Craven Cottage every Saturday, turning out for Fulham FC!

11. Describe yourself in one word?

12. Who would you like to play you in a film about your life?
I suppose if I could persuade Bradley Wiggins to star in films, he might be quite apt given my adventures on a road bike over the last few years. He could certainly make me look quicker than I actually am!