The changing face of RFID

Oct 29 2012

In every sector, maximising asset value has become a core component of business planning. Any business that can minimise asset duplication, extend the lifespan of key items and reduce wastage through theft or damage can demonstrate measurable bottom line benefits.

With an accurate, up to date asset register, companies will see the cost of compliance reduce. The ability to demonstrate that a high proportion of the assets on the balance sheet are not only on the register but actually in the expected location is a key requirement in driving down the annual audit fee.

Exploiting RFID passive tags enables organisations to de-skill the process and embark on far more regular audits without incurring additional costs. With organisations across every sector, from the NHS to education, leisure to manufacturing, looking once again at opportunities for reducing costs, the spotlight is on maximising asset value: and it is those organisations that can transform improved accuracy and timeliness of asset information into better decisions that will extend asset life, reduce wastage and deliver measurable bottom line value.