The Garth and Priory has its say…..

Feb 17 2014

The Spalding Special Schools Federation which is home to The Garth School and its sister school The Priory is a small education provider for children with moderate to severe learning difficulties. We caught up with Clive Bourne, Business Manager at both schools to find out why they decided to partner with an asset management system and why they chose RAM…

It was simple; we needed to transform the management of our asset register across the two special schools.

Prior to working with RAM, the logging of assets was handwritten. But, as is the case in many schools, keeping track of everything in that manner had become increasingly difficult as we acquired more and more equipment. As a result, the register was badly out of date and we had no idea of the value of our assets. The new system has transformed the way we work and enabled us to manage our asset base much more effectively and efficiently giving us real-time visibility of more than £345,000 in assets.

We can now ensure that everything that’s on the system is still in the school; we know what we’ve got and where it is. And because everything is categorised, we can see which classrooms, or which part of the building, items are in – and can keep registration and serial numbers all in one place. The system gives us back teaching time that may otherwise have been lost searching for missing items.

The RAM team has been very proactive and provided help wherever we have needed it. And better still, we know that if in the future we need to integrate the tool with our finance systems to generate reports around the value of our assets, the system can do that easily.

As the schools develop, we know that the software will support us throughout.

For more information about how RAM can help your business, please visit our solutions page or give one of the team a call on +44 (0)1689 892 100.