Top New Year Resolutions for Maintenance Managers

Jan 14 2013

We know that the New Year can be a stressful time for all so we have put together a few New Year’s resolutions that all Maintenance Managers should consider for 2013.

1. I will make the most of my assets by making sure we have an effective maintenance management system in place.

It is important that you look into a maintenance management system that will work for you and your assets. Here at RAM, we provide both small and large organisations with a total maintenance solution. Facilities and industrial plant products are available to cater for any maintenance requirement. Our systems are designed to support maintenance, engineering and stores professionals. RAM's suite of maintenance management software provides users with a complete solution to their business activities; streamlining maintenance processes by reducing equipment downtime, increasing productivity and actively managing both planned and unplanned maintenance scenarios, making your life a lot easier!

2. I will maximise the value from my existing assets instead of replacing them with new equipment.

Many companies are currently using an ‘operate until failure’ approach to their equipment management which proves extremely costly. Having an appropriate and efficient maintenance management system in place can help you monitor the assets you already have and make sure they are maintained appropriately in order to get the longest life expectancy from each piece of equipment. You will find that this will save you huge amounts in cost and time efficiencies, which will keep the finance manager happy too!

3. I will ensure there is greater visibility of maintenance costs across the organisation.

It is important that the maintenance costs are visible across the organisation. This will allow other divisions to see how well assets are being maintained. It will also allow them to see where using a maintenance management system has saved the company money by reducing the amount of equipment that needs to be replaced.

4. I will reduce the overall maintenance costs. With tighter budgets and increasing workloads it is important for all maintenance managers to make the most of their assets whilst still reducing maintenance costs. By implementing a maintenance management system you are able to monitor the assets throughout their lifecycle and maintain them at an appropriate time and frequency that works for your company.

So don’t let asset maintenance get you down in 2013, RAM has a whole suite of solutions that can help you make the most of your businesses assets.

Make your 2013 an easier and more efficient year by sticking to RAM’s New Year’s resolutions and you won’t have to make the same ones again next year!