Top Ten Tips for a Flawless System Implementation

Apr 19 2013

1. Know what you need

Have predefined objectives when looking to implement an asset management solution. Knowing what you want from the beginning will not only ensure you are getting what you need, it will also speed up the procurement and implementation process.

2. Agree all specifications up front

Let your supplier know exactly what you require. Make sure you agree all the specifications up front and ensure you all agree on what is required.

3. Know what you are getting

A lot of companies fall into the trap of not actually finding out exactly what they are receiving in the package they have paid for. Make sure that you sit down with the company from which you have procured and ask for a list of everything you will receive for the price, including training, consultation and support. You don’t want to be finding any hidden costs.

4. Get your end users involved

Get the users involved right from the very start. After all, they will be the ones using the solution every day. Getting end users involved early can also help the training process and make it easier when it comes to implementation.

5. Rubbish in, Rubbish out

Get your data clean and ready to go. If you put ‘unclean’ data into the system from the start then you will only end up with inaccurate data coming out. When it comes to reports and feedback from the system ‘dirty data’ makes things a lot harder.

6. User Acceptance Testing

Ensure the end users test the system and report back as to whether all the requirements requested have been met.

7. Who deals with your queries?

Know your provider’s escalation process. At RAM we ensure that all our users have an escalation point; someone at our team that you can call if you have any queries. This is essential when it comes to an effective go live of a project as staff are bound to have queries and issues at the start, it is a new system after all and we are all human.

8. Make sure you have a good project manager

Many companies find that having an in-house project manager really helps with the implementation and on-going use of the solution. Having someone in house that knows exactly what you are meant to be doing and when will help all end users settle into the new solution smoothly.

9. Regular reviews

Carry out regular reviews of the solution and make sure you are really making the most of the system. This also enables us to help you with any teething problems your team may be facing and help you make the most of all aspects of the system.

10. Great Training

Ensure that a comprehensive training plan is in place. At RAM we pride ourselves on the training and support we give to our clients during and after an implementation. We will ensure that you have a team of great consultants that will come to your business and show your team exactly how to make the most of their new system.