Top tips when searching for asset tracking technology

Aug 06 2015

The latest asset tracking software enables users to conduct comprehensive, cost-effective and speedy physical audits. Barcode labels or RFID tags are attached to the assets and handheld scanning devices are used to conduct the physical audit.

When looking to buy asset tracking technology ensure your system will enable you to:

• Update the status of items on site and in real time using either dedicated barcode scanning equipment or smartphones/tablets.
• Upload as many data fields as required from the asset register to the hand-held unit.
• Input details such as make, model or serial number ideally displayed in a scrollable format on the hand-held unit.
• Allow asset items to be flagged as located, transferred, disposed of or missing.
• Utilise advanced search facilities allowing ‘rogue’ items to be quickly identified by a variety of criteria (e.g. serial number).
• Verify and check actions arising as a result of the audit prior to updating the register.
• Create transactional records for verified transfers and disposals automatically, with all updates and transactions recorded in a log for reporting purposes.

By ensuring you have these key functionalities in place, your organisation could realise potential savings of up to 70% on physical auditing costs and provide accurate cross-charging of information to other departments.

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