Real Asset Management launches Asset Tracking Smartphone App

Aug 04 2014

- The Application provides organisations with the ability to update and track assets from a mobile device at any location -

Real Asset Management (RAM), one of the global leaders of fixed asset accounting and asset tracking software, has launched a smartphone app that will allow organisations to update asset registers from a mobile device.

The RAM smartphone app, which is now available on iOS, Android and Windows Mobile 8, will enable users to conduct a physical audit from the convenience of their smartphone or mobile device.

Working with the existing Series4000 software, the app will help users improve the accuracy of their asset register by providing an easy way to update and maintain assets securely and in real-time on a day-to-day basis. The app includes barcode scanning capability via the smartphone camera to quickly and accurately log any changes to company assets, saving time and increasing efficiency.

“Companies are becoming increasingly aware of the benefits of mobile technology so it made a lot of sense for us to create something that could help them embrace this,??? says Karen Conneely, Group Commercial Manager, Real Asset Management. “The development of the asset tracking application will provide our clients with the opportunity to keep an up to date asset register, particularly because Smart phones are often used by employees during the day. They can simply download the app from the store and easily access the secure asset register without the need for large ruggedized and expensive devices. This, in turn, will help our clients create a clearer picture of the fixed assets and non-finance assets they have in the organisation and allow them to be more efficient, avoiding the unnecessary procurement of new equipment.???

The new asset tracking app also provides increased accessibility as anyone with access to the RAM back end system and a mobile device can use the app and take part in the auditing tasks. The app requires an initial Internet connection in order to retrieve the data, but thereafter holds it locally, enabling the functionality to be accessed in any location with or without an Internet connection.

RAM also recognised that the use of mobile technology could be seen as a potential security risk by some organisations so has put the appropriate checks in place to ensure the protection of asset data and user data at all times.

Conneely concludes, “The new app is a great step in the right direction for any organisation looking to streamline its asset tracking process. The ease, simplicity and cost effectiveness of the app means that organisations can involve more employees in the auditing process. This transforms the formal physical audit into a more informal exercise with multiple users all verifying data on a daily basis if required. This in turn makes the fixed asset register much more accurate and much less taxing on the finance department to maintain, something we know is an ongoing issue for the majority of our clients."

The RAM smartphone asset tracking app is available now on the App Store, Windows Marketplace and Play Store [The app is free but must be used in conjunction with RAM’s asset tracking software].