Asset tracking should be all year round!

Mar 17 2015

Assets are on the move and the reality is that assets owned by organisations are increasingly deployed not only within the physical boundaries of a building but also outside.

For those tasked with managing them, keeping track of moving items is an increasingly critical aspect of day to day activity.  This means that the traditional annual physical audit of assets is simply no longer good enough.

Keeping track of assets used to be a relatively straightforward process. Times have changed! In today’s highly mobile world, enabling individuals to undertake a process of continual routine asset tracking via mobile apps is going to be the key to retaining visibility and control over them as they flow in and out of the organisation.

Housing Associations

As housing associations have a continued focus on delivering a better service to tenants, they want to make sure they know what assets they have and that these assets are being used properly. They include IT equipment such as laptops and mobile phones, furniture and fixtures and fittings.


From cameras, laptops and tablets to furniture and fittings, assets are on the move in the education sector. Situations can include allocating video cameras for art projects in schools and lending equipment out to students working on a science or engineering project.


The NHS is set to increase its focus on delivering more care in the community to cut down on hospital admissions. From medical devices and equipment to computers and beds, assets are on the move. Trusts or GP Surgeries could be providing 24 hour blood pressure monitoring equipment, beds in each hospital move from ward to ward and equipment is loaned out, such as walking frames or crutches.

Routine Audit

Armed with RAM’s mobile asset tracking app, staff can undertake physical audits using the camera on the smart device to scan barcodes – in the same way the laser scanner on a PDA has been used in the past. The one off or annual audit can be replaced by routine or even daily activity, undertaken by those directly interacting with and those responsible for the management and maintenance of the assets.

By enabling authorised users to utilise the app-based asset tracking solution, organisations gain real time visibility of asset location, value and status. With this information, it is the asset owners and budget holders that are now empowered to make the critical asset management decisions, ensuring essential control is imposed over this continually changing yet increasingly valuable property.

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