Transport Infrastructure Assets – Will You Be CIPFA Compliant By 2015

Nov 13 2013



So before you start panicking about the new guidelines and how you are going to comply take a look at these top tips to help get you started.


1. Take the time to fully understand the infrastructure assets that the finance team will be responsible for reporting under the new guidelines. It always helps to know what you are dealing with.


2. Select an appropriate location to store the data that will provide the necessary reports for the Whole of Government Accounts.


3. Prepare the data in a flexible form that can be easily combined with a compliant highways solution. This will make the integration of any other systems a lot easier in the long term.


4. And the most important one of all - plan ahead!


The new CIPFA regulations don’t have to be daunting and with the right planning and systems in place local government organisations can move over to the new reporting standards seamlessly.