Understanding Maintenance Management

Oct 08 2015

How well are you managing the control of your assets? And how much visibility do you have into the efficiency and cost effectiveness of your maintenance processes? 

These are a couple of the questions you may well be asking yourself and if you have been tasked with the challenge of reviewing your current maintenance operations but are unsure where to start, read on for some more detail on the basics of maintenance. 

Types of maintenance:
There are largely two types of maintenance – reactive and preventive. And obtaining the right balance between the two is key to developing an appropriate maintenance strategy and controlling costs.

Reactive maintenance involves the repair or replacement of equipment and components after they have failed. This results in a number of problems for an organisation including equipment downtime, failure to meet quantity targets and excessive costs to overcome the issues.

Preventive maintenance on the other hand, involves routine inspection and servicing at planned intervals to prevent failures. This enables an organisation to extend the operational life of its equipment and keeps cost levels to a minimum.


Key objectives of a maintenance system:
A CMMS (computerised maintenance management system) can be used by any organisation which is required to carry out maintenance on equipment, assets or property and is a crucial tool in enabling businesses to optimise operations so that assets run at peak performance. Key objectives of a specialist solution include:

• Maintain system capability
• Lower operating costs and minimise total costs
• Ensure maximum plant availability by preventing unexpected breakdowns and by reducing shutdown periods.
• Maintain equipment at its rated productivity and original accuracy
• Comply with Health and Safety regulations and eliminate any unsafe conditions that cause accidents.
• Minimise wear and tear to increase the operational life of equipment.


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