Why a hosted solution option to manage your asset register?

May 27 2015

Making the change to moving your asset register over to a hosted solution can be a difficult decision to make, especially when organisations get accustomed to their IT departments setting up and installing their software hardware and managing the overall support of the system.

However, the advantages of hosting a cloud system heavily outweigh the disadvantages. Primarily the organisation will lower upfront capital costs and ongoing operating costs, as there will be no back end server hardware to purchase, install, test and launch making your ongoing operating costs more manageable, predictable and affordable.

If you take the option to manage your asset register on a hosted solution you will enable your organisation to be fully functional with the software within a few working days, so that it is meeting the corporate demands for improved fixed asset management and automated asset tracking, using handheld mobile PDA’s or smartphones to record asset history and location.

Additionally, you will be able to entrust your ongoing management and administration of your solution allowing your organisation to focus on its core competencies, instead of managing external IT systems.

Ultimately, it is the overall elimination in upfront capital expenditure and the reduction of internal maintenance and support costs which will be key in saving valuable time and creating greater efficiency within your organisation.

If you would like to consider hosting your asset register and would like more information on how Real Asset Management can help you do this, contact one of our friendly team today on +44(0)1689 892 137 or email solution@realassetmgt.com.