Year end 2013 - Are you prepared?

Feb 12 2014



1. Are you up to speed?

Last March can seem like a lifetime ago and it’s easy to forget what you had for breakfast yesterday let alone how to work a system you last used a year ago. We understand that you may not remember what buttons to press when so don’t be afraid to ask for a little bit of help. Here at RAM we offer our existing customers a little ‘refresher’ of the system so you can make sure you are fully up to speed on how to use our system to create those all-important accurate reports.


2. Is your system up to date?

Throughout the past year we’ve released various new versions of Asset4000 so making sure that you are using the very latest version is highly recommended. Ask us about our sector specific reporting that will help you satisfy the auditors more easily!


3. Shouldering some of the burden

Year end can be a stressful time for everybody involved so that’s why we are making it easier for you with the addition of Export4000 and Depreciate4000. Export4000 can be integrated with the core accounting product which allows the system to automatically produce reports on a timed basis, whether that be monthly or annually. So rather than having to physically push the ‘go’ button, the system will automatically run the reports you tell it to, when you tell it to. Depreciate4000 works very closely with Export4000, running not only reports but calculating the depreciation on your asset base on a timed basis. So whilst you may be as fully trained and as fully prepared as you can be, these systems together could shoulder some of that year end burden and produce everything you need before you walk into the office on Monday morning. In the words of Benjamin Franklin, “failing to prepare is preparing to fail???! But implement these simple tips now and you too will find that “a penny saved is twopence dear???.