Proactive Maintenance

Proactive Maintenance differs from other types of maintenance because it focuses on controlling issues that lead to the wear and tear of assets rather than the actual fault itself. It looks to monitor the causes of asset breakdowns and correct them before problems occur. It requires a more strategic approach but is often more cost effective than other strategies.

For example, an organisation may identify that contamination in lubricants may cause failure or perhaps misuse of a machine is likely to cause a breakdown

A proactive maintenance plan enables organisations to prolong the life of their assets and prevent unexpected breakdowns. Planned shutdowns are also scheduled into processes to allow for repairs, maintenance and inspections.

proactive maintenance

Is Proactive Maintenance different to Preventative Maintenance?

While proactive maintenance may seem similar to preventative maintenance, there are some distinct differences between the two strategies. Preventative maintenance uses regular maintenance programmes to fix established condition whereas proactive maintenance identifies events which could cause potential conditions.