Facilities Management Software versus Spreadsheets

FM vs spreedsheets

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Many companies use spreadsheets to manage small numbers of property maintenance issues but as the portfolio or size of the estate grows, headaches arise when it comes to coordinating multiple maintenance requests with all stakeholders. Also, risks are far more likely to occur with the continued use of spreadsheets and manual data entry.

The advantages of using Facilities Management Software over spreadsheets include:

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Increased Reliability

Avoiding errors which can lead to expensive mistakes managing jobs and contractors.

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Provision of an audit trail

Helping organisations to resolve issues fast and prove that jobs have been carried out correctly.

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Date and user stamped updates

Enabling building and FM managers to refer back to the people responsible for handling the work.

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Accurate records are kept to comply with Health & Safety guidelines

Minimising the risk of legal issues.

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Large volumes of work requests, inspections, servicing and contractor management can be easily controlled

Allowing companies to meet demand and grow the customer base without extra staff.

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Certificates, documents, photographic evidence and detailed work order histories can be stored

Enabling users to refine processes and increase accountability.

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Automatic task triggers using intelligent workflows and configurable outputs

Facilitating the fast flow of information, direct to maintenance teams, occupants and contractors.

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The formalisation of the occupant request process through online portals

Reducing the manpower required to field incoming issues.

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Use of mobile apps

Removing the need for paper records.

Improving the experience of your customers and employees

Having a specialist Facilities Management system in place with a web portal to log work requests will enhance the user experience for both property tenants and staff members who need to report maintenance issues. Occupant access to such platforms is normally available 24/7/365, with essential information captured each time. This will save customers the time of leaving messages and waiting for call backs. Workflow responses can be automated too as even the most hard-working FM teams take a day off!

Specialist FM software also offers auto triggers that can be set up to send out email alerts to tenants or employees with information on the status of a query, such as, “The plumber is on his way”. This type of automation also saves on administration time and reduces the number of calls fielded by maintenance co-ordinators. Organisations therefore become more efficient and can realise significant cost saving benefits.

Contractor Management

Facilities Management software can assist with contractor utilisation. Vital information can be recorded against each contractor record, such as certification dates, trade memberships, qualifications etc. Documents, such as certificates can also be attached so that users can easily verify that the provider is qualified to do the job. This all helps with Health & Safety compliance and increases proactive document management.

Spreading the knowledge

In many cases, spreadsheets or legacy systems are set up by individuals no longer working with an organisation and such systems can become reliant upon the knowledge passed on from person to person. As key members of staff leave or retire, organisations can become exposed and develop vast skills gaps. FM software providers, on the other hand, will be able to offer consultancy or staff training to ensure that a shortage of knowledge is never a problem.