Asset Tracking Software
For Schools And Sixth Forms

With over 100 educational establishments within its customer base, RAM is a leading supplier of inventory management and tracking solutions to primary and secondary schools and sixth forms nationwide.



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Protect against lost or stolen assets

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Gain better control of your asset base

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Conduct more frequent physical audits

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Meet audit requirements with confidence

Seeking a simple and fast way to conduct physical audits?

Or under pressure to accurately record, track, and maintain items in a consistent and compliant way across all sites?

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What our clients say

Southwold Primary School
Southwold Primary School

We own a variety of IT equipment, most of which is mobile and moves from classroom to classroom with pupils or teachers. This was beginning to highlight problems for us when it came to managing these assets and keeping an up to date record for the auditors. We needed something that was able to help us track the assets no matter where on the premises they were. This is what initially led us to RAM after reading a very positive report about its products online.

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Prior to working with RAM, the logging of assets was handwritten. But, as is the case in many schools, keeping track of everything in that manner had become increasingly difficult as we acquired more and more equipment. As a result, the register was badly out of date and we had no idea of the value of our assets. The new system has transformed the way we work and enabled us to manage our asset base much more effectively and efficiently.

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Features & Benefits

  • Accurately record asset values for insurance purposes.
  • Carry out automated audits using smartphone apps for iOS, Android and Windows.
  • Improve the security of items using unique barcode, NFC or RFID tags.
  • Track assets by location and/or custodian.
  • Keep software licence records up to date.
  • Record asset condition information.
  • Monitor location history.
  • Asset auditing/data collection services.
  • A future proof system which ensures DfE compliance in the event of a change to Academy status.