Asset Tracking Software for the NHS

RAM’s mobile asset tracking app allows Trusts to successfully monitor the location of their equipment, whilst providing an accurate and current view of the asset base for insurance and auditing purposes.


RAM’S Mobile Tracking app will enable you to:

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Gain better control of your assets

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Improve asset utilisation

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Meet all audit requirements

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Efficiently audit assets by location


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Features & Benefits

  • Issues and Returns functionality enables the scanning and recording of assets, inventory or stock items being checked in or out, providing full visibility and accountability of an item’s use.
  • Barcode scanning verifies an asset’s status as located, transferred, disposed of or missing.
  • Compatible with iOS, Android and Windows Mobile, making it possible for Trusts to use existing devices to track equipment.
  • Reservation functionality allows colleagues to click and reserve required items.
  • Automatic email workflows records overdue/non-returned equipment.
  • Ability to attach electronic documents; for example, a photograph of the item’s condition or usage instructions.