RAM helps new academy to track assets anytime, anywhere!

RAM helps new academy to track assets anytime, anywhere!


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Great Berry Academy had a manual spreadsheet system in place that was outdated and which was making tracking its assets a long and arduous process.


RAM’s fixed asset management and tracking software allows Great Berry Academy to record the depreciation and track the location of its asset base efficiently.

Great Berry became an academy in August 2011. Based in Basildon, Essex, it has over 400 pupils. As an academy, it is important that the organisation can both calculate depreciation and access accurate and up to date information on all of its assets for insurance purposes.

Chris Emerson, Great Berry Academy’s Bursar comments, “Prior to working with RAM, we used a spreadsheet to record our assets, managed by the site manager. However, tracking our assets this way had become a long and arduous process.

“What RAM’s solutions have, which stood out against other providers we looked at, is the functionality to calculate depreciation for us, whilst the provision of a mobile app will give staff the ability to quickly and easily enter items in our system and check their location whenever needed. The app will also remove the requirement for the academy to purchase expensive scanning equipment.”

Educational facilities are continuing to evolve and technological innovations bring the arrival of new equipment into classrooms every year, placing greater emphasis on the need to track growing numbers of assets. Asset tracking provides academies and schools with a detailed understanding of the location and value of their equipment, from tables and chairs to iPads and state of the art cameras.

The moblie tracking app works with RAM’s asset register, and offers organisations a paperless and fully integrated asset tracking system. Using a smart device, the solution works in real time via a wireless connection and allows users to search for assets, add new assets, issue and return items as well as completing events remotely.

The software will not only provide the academy with an automated accounting system but it will also enable it to set up different viewing capabilities for different users depending on their role.

Chris Emerson continues, “We believe the process of managing and tracking our assets will become so much more efficient and our new asset plan will save our staff vital time; an essential component in why the academy chose to move to an automated and mobile system.

“Throughout the process of implementing its solutions RAM has been very flexible and patient in allowing both us and our governing body the time needed to follow our due process and procedures.”