RAM’s solution to help maintain & service TECNIMED’s medical equipment

RAM’s solution to help maintain & service TECNIMED’s medical equipment




Medical Equipment


Due to their rapidly expanding portfolio of equipment, TECNIMED had a need for a maintenance solution to help manage the vital maintenance of hospital equipment.


RAM's CMMS Software helps TECNIMED manage, maintain and control their portfolio of equipment. It also assists in managing stock levels; saving TECNIMED money.

TECNIMED, a leading provider of maintenance and support for medical equipment in the hospitals of Angola, will use Real Asset Management’s (RAM) solution to increase productivity and efficiency within its maintenance service as well as helping to control stock levels within its hospital sites.

Based in Luanda, Angola, TECNIMED is a supplier of systems, equipment, materials and supplies needed for the successful running of hospitals, clinics and health centres across the country. The organisation also offers a range of services through which it maintains, to a high standard, the equipment they supply.

Edgar Meireles, Clinical Engineer, TECNIMED explains: “With over 3000 articles of equipment and small devices in many different locations across the country, it was essential for us to take steps to effectively and efficiently manage these assets and, more importantly, to maintain them.

“After conducting research and after receiving high recommendations, we decided to use RAM’s solution to help us. The software is very good and it suits our needs perfectly.

“With RAM’s maintenance software we can input clear instructions as to when equipment needs maintenance attention. We can directly monitor the equipment and draw conclusions about when and why it might need replacing.”

The importance of maintaining and servicing such equipment is paramount in order to abide by health and safety regulations and to keep the hospitals running efficiently.

Meireles continues: “It is fundamental to have an effective maintenance service which will keep our equipment working efficiently and to full capacity.

“Patients at hospitals across the country can then receive their treatment with health care professionals in the knowledge that the equipment they are using is appropriately maintained. Furthermore, the effective maintenance of the equipment will ultimately save money as we will not need to provide additional stock to ensure devices are available when needed. It will make the operation of our business and that of our clients more streamlined and efficient whilst maintaining health and safety standards.”

RAM’s CMMS has been installed on one PC initially to build the asset & maintenance programmes for TECNIMED. Lists of the maintenance work to be completed will be automatically emailed to technicians daily at each of the hospitals. It is intended that the software will be deployed further in the future to be accessed by the technicians at the hospitals themselves. Meireles concludes: “Working with RAM is proving to be a success. Everyone with whom I’ve corresponded to date has been incredibly helpful and I look forward to building these relationships further in the future.”