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Through our comprehensive remote-working capabilities, Real Asset Management (RAM) continues to deliver projects, implement systems and optimise solutions for our clients. Whatever social distancing measures are in place, now and in the future, we're here to serve you and support your business continuity.

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How you can continue with new software implementations

If you were in the process of evaluating and selecting new asset management software for your business as the pandemic began, you may well have decided to put that search on hold. Of course, we understand that there are budget and resource implications. But, we’re here to assure you that Real Asset Management is ready and waiting to deliver solutions whenever you decide to move forward with your project.

new tickFully operational from home

All RAM team members around the world have quickly shifted to remote working, and our own internal operations and productivity remain undiminished. Our systems and processes fully support this approach, including the company-wide use of WebEx for client engagements.

new tickRemote working not new

There’s been a trend towards more online engagements in our industry, and where there was a scepticism about conference calls they’re now seen as commonplace. We’ve successfully utilised this method to deliver everything from 30-minute client catch-ups to day-long training sessions.

new tickProjects delivered already

Despite the impacts of the pandemic, we have signed several clients to new software implementations and completed various new and in-flight projects, on time and to budget. We’ve also transitioned several on-premise users into our world-class data centre facilities.

new tickInteractive online learning

Gaining practical experience is a key part of any training session or learning engagement – it’s not just about listening, it’s about doing. With RAM, where applicable, meeting attendees are able to get hands-on thanks to our dedicated shared learning environments.

new tickLeveraging hosted solutions

The majority of new software implementations involve a SaaS element. By deploying your solution in RAM’s secure, scalable and flexible hosted environment, our Professional Services teams can remotely access your system to undertake consultancy and other similar tasks.

new tickFocus on the process

Whether in person or online, our approach is robust, detailed and methodical. This ensures all information and progress is well documented, all tasks and activity go through the appropriate reviews, and there is regular interaction between RAM representatives and the client.

Knowledge and experience

Whether in the office, on client site or from home, we set the highest standards in terms of customer service and offer a personal and consultative approach throughout all of our engagements. Across the team, we have years of experience running some of the region’s largest and most complex asset management projects – and we are leveraging that knowledge to help clients navigate the challenges of the current environment.

Interacting with RAM Client Support

Like RAM’s services, consultancy and training teams, our Support function is working remotely to full capacity. If you complete a project or implementation, you never need to worry about being left without ongoing help. Support agents remain available on the phone to deal with critical issues and cases. We also have the 24/7 online myMRI Client Portal where you can log and track cases, search a knowledge base of articles, check SaaS performance and request Professional Services.
my mri

Tips and tricks

It seems likely that there will be some degree of limitation on in-person engagements in the UK for a prolonged period. That may be advised or enforced by government, or the result of a business policy implemented by RAM or by the organisation with which we’re working. Remote meetings, however, do not need to be a complicated affair. Here are some best practices to consider when participating in online project calls or training sessions.

  • If you have a large group involved, consider breaking down into smaller segments.
  • Hold shorter, more frequent sessions – probably no more than two hours if it can be avoided.
  • If a session is more than an hour, consider incorporating breaks to aid productivity.
  • Read through any material ahead of time so you’re not trying to catch up while on the call.
  • Join sessions a few minutes ahead of time in case of connection problems or similar.
  • Use ‘do not disturb’ settings on other programmes and applications to avoid distractions.
    • Take the time to check your audio settings and volume so you’re ready when the meeting starts.
    • Turn on your cameras to help concentration levels and improve interaction and communication.
    • Ask direct questions to keep conversations flowing, and use names of other people involved.
    • Encourage participants to use ‘chat’ functions to avoid people talking over one another.
    • Use ‘annotations’ and ‘notes’ features to highlight something on the screen if needed.
    • Record sessions for future reference, or in case participants have issues with connectivity.

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    We're pleased to confirm that our SaaS operations have continued uninterrupted. Last year saw significant investment in two new state-of-the-art data centres in the UK, and we undertook a sizeable and ultimately successful project to migrate clients in that new capability. For our users still running on-premise, the current crisis has brought into sharper focus some of the issues with this model. For clients experiencing difficulty in this regard, we are here to work with you and help you transition. Please talk to us, and leverage our experience and expertise if required.

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